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U S A  -  hard rock / heavy metal  -  **


Meat Loaf  est un chanteur de rock et un acteur, né à Dallas au Texas.
Son album  " Bat Out Of Hell " sorti en 1977 fut l'une des meilleures
ventes d'albums de tous les temps, cette adaptation de " la nuit sur le
mont chauve " est un mélange de symphonisme et de hard-rock porté
par la voix prenante du chanteur et les arrangements de
Jim Steinman .
                                ( Bio complète sur :
 http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meat_Loaf )



Meat  LOAF  -  chant -

   -  Path  Thrall  -  guitare -
Wells  Kelly  -  batterie & percussions -
Joe  DeAngelis  -  guitare -
Leslie  Loaf  -  chant -
Larry  East  -  claviers -
Max  Weinberg  -  batterie & percussions -
Davey  Johnstone  -  guitare -
Mrs.  Loud  -  chant -
Steve  Buslowe  -  basse -
Kenny  Aronoff  -  batterie & percussions -
Eddie  Martinez  -  guitare -
Tim  Pierce  -  guitare -
Paul  Jacobs  -  claviers -
Bill  Payne  -  guitare -
Bob  Kullick  -  guitare -
 Roy  Bittan  -  claviers -
Rick  Marotta  -  batterie & percussions -
John  Siegler  -  basse -
Paul  Crook  -  guitare -
Randy  Flowers  -  guitare -
Justin  Avery  -  clavier -
Danny  Miranda  -  basse -
John  Miceli  -  batterie -



bat out of hell     (1977)

 titres : bat out of hell, you took the words right out of
             my mouth (hot summer night), heaven can wait,
             all rewed up with no place to go,
             two out of three ain't bad,
             paradise by the dashboard light,
             for crying out loud.

bat out of hell II     (1993)

 titres : I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that),
             life is a lemon and I want my money back,
             rock and roll dreams come through,
             It just won't quit,
             out of the frying pan (and into the fire),
             objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer              than they are, wasted youth,
             everything louder than everything else,
             good girls go to heaven (bad girls go everwhere),              back into hell, lost boys and golden girls

bat out of hell III - the monster
is loose    
( 2006 )

 titres : the monster is loose, blind as a bat,
             It's all coming back to me Now
(ft. Marion Raven),
             bad for good, cry over me, land of the pigs,              monstro, alive, If god could talk,
             If it Ain't broke break it, what about love,
             seize the night, the future ain't what it used to be,              cry to heaven.
bonus : It's all coming back to me now.

hell in a handbasket    ( 2012 )

 titres :all of me, fall from grace, the giving tree mad mad world
 /the good god is a woman and she don't like ugly(feat Chuck D),
 party of one, live or die, california dreamin' (feat Patti Russo),
 another day, 40 days, our love our souls (feat patti Russo),
 stand in the storm (feat Lil Jon, John Rich, Mark McGrath),
 blue sky.


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