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 Badfinger  est un groupe de rock gallois fondé à Swansea en 1965 connu d'abord sous le nom de  The Iveys . C'est peu de dire que  Badfinger  est
un groupe maudit. Malgré un indéniable talent mélodique ce groupe gallois n'a jamais connu le succès qu'il aurait pourtant mérité. Disciple des
BeatlesBadfinger  savait composer des chansons tout en finesse.
Groupe maudit parce que 2 de ses membres se sont suicidés à 10 ans d'intervalle. Quelle n'a pas du être la surprise des membres restant
lorsqu'en 1993 une chanteuse inconnue à l'époque (
Mariah Carey )
vendra plus à de 27millions d'exemplaire une de leur chanson
(without you) aussi reprise par un autre méconnu,
Harry Nilsson .
Succès posthume d'un groupe qui aurait mérité un autre destin.
Christian Selmogue ) 



Joey  MOLLAND  -  guitare, chant -
Tom  EVANS  -  basse, chant - ( se suicide en 1983 )
   -  Mike  GIBBINS  -  batterie - ( meurt dans son sommeil en 2005, )
Pete  HAM  -  guitare, piano, chant - ( se suicide en 1975  )
Bob JACKSON  -  guitare, clavier - ( 74 )



magic Christian music plus  ( 1970 )

 titres : come and get it, crimson ship, dear Angie,
             fisherman, midnight sun, beautiful and blue,
             rock of all ages, carry on till tomorrow,
             Iím in love, walk out in the rain, Angelique,
             knocking down our home, give it a try,
             maybe tomorrow.

no dice      ( 1970 )

 titres : I can't take it, I don't mind, love me do,              midnight caller, no matter what, without you,              blodwyn, better days, It had to be,
             watford John, believe me, we're for the dark,              get down, friends are hard to find,
             mean mean Jemima, loving you ,
             I'll be the one.

straight up     ( 1971 )

 titres : take it all, baby blue, money, flying,
             I'd die babe, name of the game, suitcase,              sweet tuesday morning, day after day,              sometimes, perfection, It's over ,
bonus : [original version] money, flying,
              name of the game, suitcase, perfection,
              baby blue.

ass       ( 1973)

 titres : apple of my eye, get away, Icicles, winner,              blind owl, constitution, when I say,
             cowboy, I can love you, timeless.

Badfinger     ( 1974 )

 titres : I miss you, shine on, love is easy,
             song for a lost friend, why don't we talk?,              Island, matted spam,
             where do we go from here?,
             my heart goes out, lonely you, give it up,
             Andy Norris.

day after day (live)    ( 1974 )

 titres : sometimes, I don't mind, blind owl, give it up,              constitution, baby blue, name of the game,
             day after day, timeless,  I can't take it.

 wish you were here    ( 1974 )

 titres : just a chance, you're so fine,
             got to get out of here, know one knows,              Dennis, In the meantime/some other time,
             love time, king of the load, meanwhile,
             back at the ranch/should I smoke.

airwaves     ( 1979 )

 titres : airwaves, look out California,
             lost inside your love,
             love is gonna come at last, the winner ,
             the dreamer, come down hard, sail away.

say no more     ( 1981 )

 titres : I got you, come on, hold on, because I love you,              rockíníroll contract, passiní time, three time              loser, too hung up on you, corcadillo, no more.

head first     ( 1976 )

 cd 1 : lay me down, hey Mr. Manager, keep believing,            passed fast, rock 'n' roll contract,
           saville row moonshine, back again, turn around,            rockin' machine.
cd 2 : time is mine, smokin' gun, old fashioned notions,           nothing to show, you ask yourself why,
          keep your country tidy, to say goodbye,
          queen of darkness, I can't believe in,
          thanks to you all, lay me down (demo).

the very best of       ( 2000 )

 titres : no matter what, day after day, baby blue,
             name of the game, maybe tomorrow,
             come and get it, rock of all ages,
             carry on til tomorrow, midnight caller,
             we're for the dark, I'll be the one, without you,              I'd die babe, It's over, when I say, Dennis,              lonely you, love time,
             meanwhile back at the ranch / should I smoke.


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